A House Story

Like so many other house stories of the past decade, ours begins with a flip. Only in our case, we were not the flippers. Instead, we inherited a flipped house. When we bought it four years ago, we were pleased that it was move-in ready. Although we knew we would have the standard decorating and “someday” updates, the house was cozy and clean.

And then came the projects. No matter how simple they begin, almost all of them quickly morph into much, much bigger projects. I like to think of them as the “omg what WERE they thinking?” projects. The “they” being the flippers, of course.

We get to experience all those cost saving strategies and short cuts heralded on flipping shows – up close. There are the treasures in the walls (no, that doesn’t count as recycling), weird patches (yes, you do need to sand the patches), and missing duct work (no, that’s not what they mean by blown-in insulation).

Then there is our basement odyssey, which began like so many other projects, with a simple plan to change out one little thing. We are quickly learning that in the world of home improvement, there is no such thing as changing out one little thing!


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