Out With the Old

Like any self-respecting DIY television junkie, I reacted to the mildewy smell of the basement carpet by advocating for a complete gutting of our basement. When my husband suggested simply removing the carpet and putting down new flooring, I stuttered. “But what about the black mold that is probably spreading inside the walls slowly,” cough, “destroying our health.”

F-i-n-e, he agreed. We could remove the bottom of the sheetrock. Just to see.

Partial removal of sheetrock in basement.

“But think of the foundation,” I urged him (after several more internet searches). “What if there is a giant crack? What if water is gushing in, right now, as we speak?”

Basement after demo.

My husband has become very good at sighing. And demolition.

The good news is we did not find black mold, and there were only a couple teensie-weensie cracks in an otherwise fantabulous foundation. However, we would have never discovered the real mildew-spawning culprit had we not pulled all the sheetrock and framing down, which gave us a clear view of the waterfall originating from the basement window. You know, the one previously inside the wall.


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