The Basement Plan

Now that you’ve seen the shambled mess of our basement, I thought it was time to share the vision for the space!

First, I chose the tile, which is a gorgeous tumbled quartz. The 4×4 squares will go on the hearth. Of course I only ordered a sample – a year ago. Hopefully it’s still available online!

Tile for fireplace, board sample, and colors.Picking paint colors always takes me a long time, but we decided on two: one for the family room and one for the small playroom/office. It’s Winter Lake for the family room, the second blue from the top. The playroom/office will be Tiny Fawn, the first brownish color at the top. Although deciding on the type of flooring took a long time (tile, laminate, tile, laminate, laminate), choosing the laminate for the family room was easy. I fell in love with the Sonoma Cherry immediately. We snatched up some sale tile for the playroom/office. It’s not pictured here because, honestly, it’s boring… and buried under building supplies somewhere in our garage.

Next up was sketching the space. Truth be told, I compulsively produce drawings despite my nonexistent art skills. Imagine my irritation when my ever-practical husband demands dimensions. “Well look!” I tell him, holding my thumb and index finger in the classic measurement pose, “It’s about this much higher than it is wide.” When I wasn’t looking, he smuggled my masterpiece drawing of our fireplace mantle into AutoCad to create precise measurements. Snore.

Here’s what we came up with:

Drawings of the fireplace.I’m really happy with what we have planned. I’m just crossing my fingers that the finished space will somewhat resemble the one I have in my head.


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