Faux Chalk Labels

If you are anything like me, once you are in the middle of a big DIY project, you have the urge to do a million little ones instead. Some call that procrastination, but I like to think of it as sanity-saving. After days weeks months of seeing little progress, it’s nice to switch gears and actually finish something. My mini-distraction for the week was making faux chalk labels.

Armed with my handy packing tape (I guess I share that affinity with the flippers who lived here before, although I use it strictly for crafts and packing, NOT patching window cracks) and some chalk paper and a white marker from Hobby Lobby, I was good to go. In twenty minutes, I had neatly labeled half the kitchen.

My daughter helpfully pointed out that it was silly to label see-through jars since, well, you could already see what was in them. As I reached for the marker and lunged for her forehead, she decided labeling the kitchen wasn’t such a terrible idea after all.

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