Unexpected Perks

It’s easy to look around at the piles of rubble in our basement and think, maybe we should have just replaced the flooring. Big projects seem to drag on forever, and that’s when you don’t have to pause for major surgery! However, there were several unexpected perks that came from our over-zealous demolition weekend:

  • Finally, A Bathroom Plug-in Before, we had a tiny downstairs bathroom without a single plug-in. Because that bathroom shares half its wall with the basement, having that wall wide-open allowed us easy access to wiring. With a teenage boy who just discovered the hair dryer, the ability to have him two floors away from my bedroom at 6:30 in the morning is very, very important.
  • Let There Be Light Perhaps not surprisingly, the flippers opted to put 2 recessed lights in the entire family room. We now have 7 that are on separate switches, allowing us to leave only the light directed at the stairs on during movies (as opposed to stumbling around in the cave-like dark when someone shuts off the TV). My toes are grateful.
  • Squeak Exterminator Another major perk of tearing down the sheetrock was the ability to fix the main floor squeaks. Since our house was built in the 1960s, there were a few ceiling joists that were cracked. So we jacked it up, and my husband glued and nailed plywood “crutches” on them. Buh-bye squeaks.
  • Full Frontal Access – To the closet, of course. Our closet in the family room had a regular size door on it and a partial wall, which resulted in awkward deep shelves and an empty space behind the door. This, in turn, encouraged the cram-it-in method of storage. Now that we are rebuilding it, it will have two bi-fold doors to allow access to the full storage space. In a small house, storage is king.

There you have it, all the lovely perks that wouldn’t have been possible with a simpler patch job.


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