Downsides to Beautifying Your Furniture

  • Almost immediately after lugging our new dining room table in the house, I decided the rest of the kitchen/dining area was now uglier. The floors, hideous. How can I stand them? The cabinets, although white, aren’t creamy. Time to repaint. Don’t even get me started on that ridiculous make-shift pantry, which is clearly unworthy of the table’s beauty and presence.
  • I don’t want my children or my husband or even my friends and neighbors to touch it. Ever. Since it is a table on which we will need to eat three meals a day, it makes things a bit awkward. Just this morning, I tried to coax my 7-year-old to eat her cereal on the couch. (After four years of harping about not eating in the living room, she shook her head mutely and looked around wild-eyed for dad.)
  • No one else wants to talk about it anymore. Ever. Or gaze lovingly at it – in daylight and then again in candlelight.

The good news is that the whole table cost around $100, including paint and stain, leaving me wiggle room in the budget to pay for therapy should the need arise.


4 thoughts on “Downsides to Beautifying Your Furniture

  1. Great job on the table! I’m the same way about our dining room furniture as well. I was petrified of anything happening to my precious, precious table. In the end, I was the one who ended up marking it first with some glue. Irony. *sigh*


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