Oh Yes I Did

Sometimes you find something that the rationale part of you recognizes as hideously ugly while the do-it-yourself part of you salivates over the “potential.” Last weekend, I convinced my husband to stop by our Goodwill store. And there she was, in all her wacky 1970s glory:

As I looked at her, my husband snorted “Really?” I tried to walk away. I really did. But I loved that weird little ottoman (I’ve settled on ottoman although an equally compelling argument could be made for pet throne). However, after a few minutes of flipping cushions in search of the tag, we discovered it was missing. No problem, I thought. We’ll just lug it up to the cash register and ask them. Except without a tag, the policy is that they can’t sell it until it has been repriced that night. Sigh.

“But,” I sputtered to my husband on the way out, “what if someone else gets it first?” He reassured me that no one, NO ONE, but me would even consider buying something that ugly. Nonetheless, we were there when the store opened the next day to cart her home.

The price, you ask? $7.99 That’s right, a steal.

Some distressed black paint and new cushions, and she’ll be a beauty. Of course, when I searched for cushions that size, I quickly realized they were <cough> $50 each. Oh well. I’m sure I can make them. I mean, I did make potholders once. How hard could it really be?


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