Halloween Spirit

As anyone who knows me will tell you, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love  devising elaborate family-themed costumes, participating in all the fun holiday festivities like haunted houses and pumpkin patches, and, of course, decorating up the house in true Halloween fashion. This year, however, I have been a big, fat dud in the decorating department. Not a single black cat or dangly spider has found its way out of our over-stuffed orange decoration box. Not one.

My 7-year-old finally had enough and insisted we create a fall centerpiece right now.

And then Friday’s mail brought this to my door, courtesy of a most unlikely source, my normally Halloween-indifferent friend Sonya.

Apparently, the holiday spirit has taken up residence at her house this year, and she has shared it with me. Thanks Sonya!

Stay tuned for the you’re-going-to-make-what-out-of-paper-mache costume attempts coming soon…