Lighting Switcheroo

Now that I have a pretty new dining room table, I’ve decided the rest of the space needs some sprucing up as well. First up was the light fixture:

I didn’t really hate it, but after 4+ years of looking at it, I was ready for something different. I looked half-heartedly at Home Depot but didn’t see anything I liked better. So I decided to experiment with the one I already had. Since I was tired of the glaring lights on the table, I thought I would try flipping the lights the other direction.

  What do you know? It was super easy: they twisted right around. Since the metal rings weren’t attached to the glass, they had to be removed and relegated to storage. Then it was time for a little bling, namely these clearance beads I found at the craft store:


The beads are a lovely mixture of teal, which matches our walls, and little bronze beads, which match the fixture. After twisting the necklace around the light chain, I used jewelry wire that matched the bronze color of the light to secure the necklace. For less than ten bucks, I had a new and improved light fixture:

I actually love that the light is off the table now, although it does illuminate our dreaded popcorn ceiling.

We considered removing the popcorn at one point but after looking up how to remove it, I decided what the heck, I don’t look at the ceiling that much anyway. Who knows, that spotlight might be enough to convince me to scrape it down. Or maybe I will decide to be the one person in this world who loves popcorn ceilings. It could happen.

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Refinished Dining Room Table

About a week ago, I told you about my dining room table crush here. When I spotted this table for $69.99 at our local Salvation Army, I snapped it right up.

I spent about a week stripping, sanding, staining, painting, and applying polyurethane. Here she is in all her refinished glory:

I’ll have to get busy prettifying our existing chairs since the ones I really want are over $100 each and give me a coronary every time I think about purchasing them.

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Table Inspiration

I have been on the hunt for a new dining room table forever. Since we live in a split level, the dining room space has to bridge the living room, with its dark wood and chocolate fabrics, and the kitchen, with its all white cabinetry.

With so many beautiful pictures and ideas floating around the web, finding rooms and furniture to covet is easy.  A while ago, I ran across this picture and thought the table would be perfect:

Source: The Old White Cottage

Unfortunately, as is often the case, my tastes and my budget do not align. I found similar tables in furniture stores everywhere, but none of them were quite right. Most of them had a lighter stain on the tabletop than I wanted, and all of them were pricey. Then, one day, I spotted this little diamond-in-the-rough at our local Salvation Army.

Thrift store table - before.

Price Tag: $69.99 (Pretty steep price tag for a thrift store, I thought. Not that it stopped me from grabbing the tag and making a mad dash for the register, much to my husband’s horror delight.)

On my agenda this weekend is stripping and refinishing the table, while my husband toils away in our basement … and answers my endless questions.

     Do we have a sander?

     How long do I need to leave the stripper on?

     How bad are these fumes for my lungs?

     Can I start painting the legs while I wait?

Multi-tasking is a beautiful thing.