Lawn Be-Gone

When we first moved into our house, there was a weird little strip of white rock out front. We quickly decided to remove the rock and return that little patch to grass. How hard could it be, after all?

The first year we waited, hoping it would fill in on it’s own. Nope.

The second year, we threw out some leftover grass seed the previous owners had left in the garage. And what do you know, beautiful fine green grass popped up almost immediately. The mail woman commented on how much better it looked. Then it died just as quickly as it had sprouted up. It turns out it was “temporary” grass meant to come up quickly to provide ground cover for the real grass seed that was supposed to be planted at the same time. The mail woman and I had a good laugh.

For the next couple summers, we ignored the dirt patch completely.

This year, we broke down and bought some sod. Rolled it out on the lawn and basked in its easy beauty. Chatted about it with the neighbors. (Why, oh why, do I never learn?) Then weeks of 100+ heat hit, despite watering and watering and watering, officially making us the neighborhood eyesore:

There’s always next year, right? Right???