Labor Day Progress

In honor of the three-day labor day weekend, we labored. Actually, mostly my husband and son labored, and I “assisted.” Like tearing off the paper from the sheetrock while they carried almost 30 sheets downstairs kind of assisting.
But we are finally seeing the progress as the basement went from looking like this:

Basement after looking like this:

The basement is now wired, lights are in, insulation is in, and most of the sheetrock is up. Some of you may notice the green sheetrock, which is designed to be mold/mildew resistant. We decided to put that in around the bottom of the room, just to be safe. By the time we put the first sheet on the bottom, however, we were so tired that we put regular up by mistake – hence the lonely sheet of white on the bottom left. Oh well. That better be a dry spot.

Pretty soon, we’ll get to the fun stuff like painting, tiling the fireplace, and putting in the floor, and I can graduate from assistant to ring leader. Watch out.